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    I'm Orestis

    living in the beautiful city of Athens, Greece

  • I am
    a Software Engineer

    currently working in a mutinational consulting company

    About me

About Me

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Orestis Zekai. I was born in Athens in 1993 and I grew up in a small village near Korinthos, called Velo. Being curious and keen to learn about how things work, I successfully graduated as an Electrical & Computer Engineer from Technical University of Crete, by following the relevant the 5 year programm.

After finishing my studies and army duties, I joined in 2019 the exciting world of software engineering and have been expanding my knowledge on that topic ever since.

What can I do?

Here are some of my expertise


Planning and development of all kinds of software


Delivering custom solutions reliably for a big range of problems


Providing professional advice on software architecture decisions


Experience in deploying and debugging applications in the cloud


Designing optimal, domain specific solutions


Easy to comprehend and understand documentation

Cups of coffee
My Specialty

My Skills

A good software engineer has a toolbox full of tools. A great software engineer knows which tool is the best for a job at hand. My favorite is Python, but my toolbox is not limited to just that.



Operating Systems




Docker, k8s


SQL, NoSQL, Graph DBs


Enterprise Architecture


OpenAPI3, Swagger


Version Control (Git)



Completed the 5 year programm and successfully graduated as an Electrical & Computer Engineer from Technical University of Crete, at Chania. The graduation ceremony took place in June, 2018.

  • GPA: 7.52/10
  • Diploma Thesis: Study and SDR implementation of OFDM modulation
  • Thesis grade: 10/10

Graduated from High School in my hometown, Velo, at 2011. GPA 18.7


Work Experience

IT Consultant/Software Engineer @ PRODYNA January 2020-Now

  • Developing Python web applications (FastAPI)
  • Plan and execute software architecture for web applications/microservices (k8s on GCP)
  • Integration and coordination with client’s in-house development team

Software Engineer @ WINGS ICT Solutions January 2019-January 2020

  • Designing, implementing and deploying services in the local servers
  • Full stack software development
  • MEC implementations
  • Participation in numerous EU projects

SDR Developer @ TUC September 2017-September 2018

  • Software development for SDR communication
  • Implemented various modulations (OFDM, FDE, MIMO)

Freelancer @ Upwork, Fiverr February 2014-Now

  • Numerous successfully completed projects
  • Most profitable sales made using Python and MATLAB
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Telecommunications projects

IT Support Internship @ Municipality of Chania June 2014- August 2014

  • Completed my 2 month internship at Chania, Crete, as an IT support
  • Helping employees with enriching their computer skills
  • Resolving technical issues
My Work

Recent Work

New Customer Experience

Web Development

My next apartment

Scripting & Automation

Uber 2

Web Development

Maze Generation

Scripting & Automation

Space Invaders

Scripting & Automation
You can find more projects at my Github page.
My certifications



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